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              Your reliable partner in global business service  "

  AYT Group is a well organized worldwide business company operating in fields and countries since 1981. List of the major sectors we operate and our principal services.
  Travel - Tourism : Arraging vacation packages, holiday, travel organisations, hotel booking, MICE, PCO organisations, tourist support services
  Land Transport : Goods transport, truck removals, train transport, packet delivery and pick up, generaž freight transport services
  Passenger Transport : Cheap comfortable people carrive by taxi, bus, minibus, motor coach, limousine, 4x4 SUV luxury cars
  Car Hire : Diesel, gasoline, electrical, gas vehicles rental, bus, minibus rental services at the airports, sea cruise ports, ski resorts, bus stations and city centers
  Air Transport : Air cargo and passenger transport, air ambulance hire, private business jet rental, sea aircrafts, helicopters hire,
  Sea Transport : Cruise and ferry lines, blue voyage, luxury yacht hire, boat trips, international freight transport with ships, ship hire services
  Real Estate - Construction : Building developments, property sale, investment and mortgage consulting, scheme, project, home, villa hire services
  Export - Import : Exporting, importing  and distributing foods, agricultural, industrial products, petrochemistry products, machinery
  Education - Trainings : International education, school programs, language courses, voluntary training programs, student exchange and support services
  Manufacture : Producing foods, agricultural, industrial products, petrochemistry products, machinery goods and factory managements
  Outdoor and Indoor Sports : Worldwide sports training camps, sport events organisation and support services, sports equipments and venues procurement
  Consulting and Research : International consulting and research about business, investment, trade, laws, conditions etc.
  List of the principal countries we operate
Cyprus Turkey Greece Spain China
Holland Germany Egypt Syria Iran
Bulgaria Ukrainia Russia Malasia England
Denmark Finland India Italy Croatia
Portuquese Brasil Argentina Chile Cuba
Usa Ireland Morocco South Africa Tanzania
Dubai Bahrain Israel Lebanon Armenia
Belarus Poland Estonia Thailand Malaysia

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